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The last full weekend of September every year, we gather together in fellowship to strengthen our arms by scooping 80+ tubs of grape ice cream for Geneva's annual Grape Jamboree. Our tent is located in front of Rees' Corner Old Fashioned Soda Fountain. This is our largest fundraiser of the year. 


Not only do we provide ice cream but we operate a kid's carnival where there are fun games for kids and adults to play on the lawn just outside of our church. There is no charge to play and a prize is won with every attempt. 

Our online quart sales are closed for the year (2023). If you ordered quarts online, we will see you on Sept 30th from 10AM-2PM at 66 S. Eagle St. for pick-up. If you still want grape ice cream, today (9/24/23) is your last day to go to the Grape Jamboree to get scoops of it!


Thank you for all of your support for another successful grape ice cream sale this year!  Thanks again and God Bless. 

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