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The Little Free Library of Christ Church

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We have also partnered with our Blessing Bag outreach which can be found by clicking on "Blessing Bag Outreach" below. We will stock a small supply of "mini-blessing bags" in The Little Free Library. Feel free to take one for yourself or a friend in need. 

This is our newest community outreach and we are very excited to share the news! This outreach is about increasing access to books to all of the members of the local community and beyond.


The Little Free Library is stocked with books for a variety of reading levels from children to adults, recipe books, how-to and crossword books. Please stop by and take a book to read, share and learn with. If you don't see something you like, try again next week and there may be different options. You never know what you will find!


The tag line of Little Free Library is "take a book, leave a book" but you do not need to leave a book unless you want to. If you have a larger donation that you would like to give, please email us at to arrange. 

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